What kind of seed are you?

22 Sep

What kind of seed are you?  I know, weird question.  Let me explain.

I was reading in Isaiah 28 about how different kinds of seeds are threshed.  One kind is beaten with a light stick, another with a flail (a stick with a bar on it), while another kind is rolled over by a wheel that’s got some weight, but not so heavy that it will crush it.  Different seeds require different approaches.

Now think about our lives- the different ways that God gets our attention.  Sometimes a gentle whisper will suffice.  Other times He needs to turn up the volume- to allow “heavier” things to come our way.  Sometimes, when we seem to have deaf ears and harder hearts, God allows the wheel to roll over our lives.  Not to destroy us, but to get our attention, to draw us back to Him.  His purpose is not to bring us harm but to cause us to grow, to open our hearts to who He is.

I heard a quote from Alan Redpath that has stayed with me, “When God wants to do an impossible task, He takes an impossible person… and crushes them.”  Wow.  From brokenness flows humility, and God can work with that.  Sometimes God uses a light touch.  But sometimes, apparently, He has to bring the heavy equipment.

So which kind of seed is your heart like these days?  Can God get your attention with a whisper or a nudge?  Or is something heavier required?  May our hearts be soft and our ears be tuned in for the call of the One who loves us- Jesus.

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  1. Kendra (@bittyblueberry)

    September 22, 2011 at 7:06 pm

    Like this…and the new site. I was not familiar with that reference…thanks for sharing!


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