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Great video-cool journey

Would you trust your dad to send your favorite toy all the way into space– and that you would get it back?  This little boy did- watch the journey!  What a great picture of willingness to entrust ourselves to God- who asks us to trust Him with our most precious possessions.  Actually, with everything!

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On fighting passivity- if I can muster the energy

To only consume and not to create.

To only take in and not to give out.

To only observe and not immerse.

These are tragedies of the highest order.  And yet they are among the greatest temptations and strongest pulls in my life these days.  Consuming content on TV, the internet, and movies that requires so little.  To digest pre-chewed input and information.  To be on the receiving end of care yet secretly whine for more.  To sit in the critic’s chair towards culture, church, and the lives of others.  From these things and more- God, deliver me!

The remedy seems all too obvious- MOVE.  Put words on paper.  Put myself “out there” in writing, in loving, in creating- even when my words and ideas and care seem feeble and inadequate.  Especially then.

Simply put, my desperate desire is to not be found PASSIVE.  No sitting on the sidelines of life, watching others do, act, create, engage.  Daydream less and remember more the adventure that was lived…. that very day.  Enough time later for sitting in heaven’s bleachers applauding when the time is now for running the race and fighting the good fight.

And in all this, I trust that God will make use of motion- the assault on inertia-  however imperfectly executed and ineptly designed.  He will steer the course- the paths that lead forward and onward-  towards His Somewhere.  Time to get off the couch.

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Now and Not Yet

What a fragile thing, this life

this mist, this vapor.

Full of vigor and immortality one moment

the next a wisp of memory,

a gasp, then gone.

Beauty so rich and deep

we simply ache with possibility

and promise.

Joys so deep and fierce

we shudder at the immanence

of their loss.

Fragile, eternal, fierce yet chained

the everlasting sheathed in shell

waiting, hoping, longing

a heartbeat at a time.

A dream in repose,

we ache for the not yet.


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