Thursday of Holy Week

01 Apr
Thursday of Holy Week

For today’s meditation, I’m sharing a poem I wrote reflecting on the love that Jesus displays on this day, in particular.

I want to love more,

            Really love.

The kind of love that serves without needing,
listens without interrupting,

cheers without ceasing.

Love like that.

I want to love better,

            really love.

The kind of love that tenderly pries open words,

                       thoughts and looks

                       to catch a glimpse of beauty beneath.

The kind of love that wills the deepest good of another,

 their best and truest self

                         invited to emerge from the shadows.

The kind of love that waits in hope,

                        wonders with kindness,

                        holds hands tightly, even in the dark.

Love like that.

I want to love like You do, Jesus.

Love that self-empties so others can be filled,

            bends low to lift another high

            that suffers with 

and suffers for

and suffers long.

A love beyond counting, without limit, freely and joyfully given.

            Love like that.

O Jesus, washer of timid and dirty feet, 

friend of faith-impaired deniers, 

forgiver of the angry and the violent,

protector of the confused, the frightened, and alone,

teach me to be more like You.

Teach me how to love.

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